This should be the first and very important question that we have to ask ourselves, how much can I borrow? After the calculation is come in the fund and going out fund, we can get a clear picture and know how much you can borrow to purchase a property. While determining how much you can borrow banks and lenders mainly look at:

  • Credit card limits, Car loans, personal loans
  • Income and types of income e.g. full-time, part-time casual, contract,
  • The size of the loan compared to the property value ( LVR )
  • Number of dependents and their age
  • General living expenses, and
  • Existing asset position (Client contribution towards the loan)

 To increase borrowing power

  • Pay off ( or decrease ) and close any credit card & other current liabilities if possible
  • Start saving by decreasing miscellaneous expenses
  • Try to find the bank which does not calculate existing mortgage with same assessment interest in proposed loan.